Admission to the First Cycle Degree Course in Natural and Environmental Sciences requires possession of a secondary school diploma or a valid certificate obtained abroad and recognised as an equivalent qualification according to the University current legislation. Basic scientific competences (including Mathematics) achieved at high or secondary school are necessary pre-requisites for entering the course.
Admission to the course is open. However, the applicant’s pre-requisites will be examined through a preliminary test (not an entrance test) scheduled before the beginning of lessons. The test will especially verify the applicants’ knowledge background on Mathematical, Physical and Chemical disciplines as well as on elementary notions of Life and Earth Sciences.
The results of such test, whether positive or not, will not prevent enrolments; however, professors will take into account the results to adequately plan the first semester lessons and (if needed) to encourage students to attend support activities (independent or organised by the degree course).
All information concerning the preliminary test and possible support activities can be retrieved on the degree course website.