Who we are

The First Cycle Degree Course in Natural and Environmental Sciences was implemented in Academic Year 2009/2010, resulting from the merging of the previous degrees  "Natural Sciences" and "Environmental Sciences and Technologies for the Productive System and Territory". The objective of such action was to optimise the basic programmes offered in order to allow graduate students to enter Second Cycle Degree Courses concerning both areas of Natural Sciences and Environmental Sciences.
The creation of a single degree course has been carried out with the aim of:
- providing students with a good cultural background in basic disciplines, especially Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, which account for a greater number of credits if compared to similar degree courses;
- adequately preparing students on Natural Sciences, including Earth Sciences and Life Sciences, with high number of credits;
- reorganising and harmonising the curricula in ecological disciplines and environmental management.
The First Cycle Degree Course in Natural and Environmental Sciences lasts three years, is organised into six semesters. The course includes 20 exams corresponding to a total number of 180 credits and it is structured into a single curriculum. Students can personalise their curriculum towards Natural or Environmental Sciences through the choice of optional subjects, accounting for 12 credits and guided choices.
Graduates in Natural and Environmental Sciences can enter the Second Cycle Degree Courses in Ecology and Nature Conservation (Class LM 6, but compatible with Class LM 60) and in Sciences and Technologies for Environment and Resources (Class LM 75). The 180 credits obtained in the First Cycle Degree are totally recognized.
Attendance to courses is both a right and duty of the students.
Since 2015, a part-time  enrollment modality has been activated. The course in Natural and Environmental Sciences has set specific study programmes allowing working students  to take exams in a double time compared to the standard course.
These information are published every year on the course website in the "Brief Guide of Degree" and "Regulations of Degree" that report both the standard and the part-time study programme.