Gruaduation dissertation / Final examination

The thesis consists in an experimental or theoretical research project, preferably having an interdisciplinary approach. The research activity (accounting for 6 credits) can be conducted in other companies or institutions outside the University upon agreement.

The candidate must elaborate his/her thesis under the supervision of a professor of the degree course or at least of the Department, supported (if necessary) by one or more experts in the chosen topic of study. The thesis can be related to the internship experience.
The final examination consists in the presentation and discussion of the thesis in front of a designated commission composed of the professors of the course. Admission to the final examination requires the candidate to present his/her thesis in Italian, with the help of a multimedia device. The thesis can be edited in English with a full abstract in Italian.
All information concerning internships, thesis editing and final examination modalities are indicated in the attachment “Regolamento Tirocinio e Tesi di Laurea triennale" (Regulations on Internships and First Cycle Degree Thesis) on the course website.
In the final examination, the candidate will prove his/her capacity of retrieving, elaborating and discussing data.